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Plan a Ski Trip to Canada-United States with the help of Escape2ski Travel Consultants for Vail, Beaver Creek, Lake Tahoe, Whistler and more.

  • Escape2ski can provide expert advice and insider tips on how to Plan a Ski Trip to Canada-United States to over 150 Ski Resorts.
  • Escape2ski is continuing to add new Ski Resorts to the Ski Resort Listings each new ski and snowboard season.
  • The Escape2ski Travel Team has over 30 years of skiing and snowboarding travel experience to help you Plan a Ski Trip to Canada-United States.
  • With over 100 ski trips planned, we have gained an vast knowledge base to make your next ski trip much smoother.*
  • The Escape2ski Travel Team can provide help with a single ski resort or plan that multiple ski resort vacation throughout Canada and the United States.
  • In Canada, Escape2ski can help with ski travel to Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec.
  • In the United States, Escape2ski can help create your ski travel plans to Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington State and Wyoming.
  • It’s simple to get the information you need for one small fee of only $59.95 USD + applicable taxes for help planning up to 3 different ski resorts on one trip.**
  • Multiple (4 or more) ski resorts during a single trip will require special pricing based upon the complexity of the proposed ski trip.
  • With the cost of ski and snowboard travel on the rise, the Escape2ski consulting fee is a small investment to ensure you get the ski or snowboard adventure that is right for you.

Save time, save money, Ask the Escape2ski Travel Team…


Steps to Plan a Ski Trip to Canada-United States:

  1. Escape2ski can accommodate requests for up to 6 people in a group. For larger groups, Escape2ski can provide direct contact to the required ski resorts.
  2. Fill out the form below as completely as possible and submit it to the Escape2ski Travel Team for review.
  3. Escape2ski will look over your requirements and questions, and get back to you within 48 hours to confirm if we can help or not.
  4. If yes, you will receive an email with instructions and an email invoice from PayPal for the 50% down payment that is required at this stage.
  5. Once your itinerary is complete, usually within 48 hours you will receive an Escape2ski email and an email invoice from PayPal for the remaining balance.
  6. Once final payment has been made, you will receive by email the final itinerary from the Escape2ski Travel Team.

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    We will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours to let you how we can help.

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    Escape2ski will require the remaining balance on the $59.95 USD + applicable taxes through PayPal before providing you the final travel plan.

    If you are unhappy with the proposed travel plan, the Escape2ski Travel Team will work with you to provide a better plan within 30 days from the date of payment.

    * Escape2ski is not a travel agent, only a consultant to help Plan a Ski Trip in North America, however, we can refer you to a travel agent who can help you book your adventure.

    ** Consulting fee is in US dollars and may be subject to GST, PST or HST sales tax if you reside in Canada. Fees for individuals who reside outside of Canada will not be subject to sales tax.

    The consulting fee covers only one consulting session. Additional sessions can be quoted depending on the complexity of the itinerary.

    At Escape2ski, we only provide a quote or estimate and the actual price may be different depending on the date of booking.