Moon Phase Calendar

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The Moon Phase Calendar Theory and the lunar calendar by Escape2ski will connect you to skiing, snowboarding and possible weather patterns, if you live for winter storms and powder days.

The moon is not mentioned in any weather forecasts and is not used in any weather computer results. Meteorologists cannot agree as to whether or not the moon is a weather influence. Some say it plays a small part, while others say it does not contribute at all. Meteorologists accept that the moon controls tides, but will not say outright that the moon influences anything else. All of that being said, over the past 25 years, Escape2ski has used the Moon Phase Calendar Theory to help plan their skiing and snowboarding itineraries.

Note: on mobile devices, use landscape view to see the entire moon calendar.

The Moon Phase Calendar or Lunar Calendar on Escape2ski will help you plan for potential skiing & snowboarding powder days or bluebird days.

Escape2ski researches when the full moon will occur and plots the vacation from there. In the first quarter to the full moon, experience shows that the weather is generally clear, possibly cooler, with limited snowfall. On either side of a full moon, the weather appears to be more favourable. Two or three days after the full moon to the last quarter, Escape2ski has found the weather tends to shift, bringing in clouds, which can lead to snowfall and possibly powder days ahead.

Again, there is no proven science behind this theory, only Escape2ski’s way of selecting the preferred dates for the next Ski Resort adventure; it may not necessarily be right for you!

At Escape2ski you’ll find out – What to know…before the snow.