Job Posting Guidelines for Ski Resort Jobs

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Job Posting Guidelines for SKI RESORT JOBS powered by Escape2ski:

Ski Resort Jobs supports sound hiring practices and advocates the same to employers who post advertising with us. We ask that you consider the following when posting a job.

  • Provide a Valid Company Name, Email Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number and Contact Person.
  • Provide a Job Description for the position that you are offering using proper grammar and complete the Post a Ski Resort Job form with as much information as possible.
  • Submit for posting only jobs that are of an appropriate nature and content. Escape2ski reserves the right to review and remove any job postings that are deemed “Not Suitable for Display”.
  • If a job posting is deemed “Not Suitable for Display” it will be removed and the posting fee will be refunded, but will be subject to a handling fee of 20% of the listing price plus any taxes (US Dollars).
  • Job Posting content must not discriminate for Race, Sexual Orientation, Religious Beliefs, Gender or Age.
  • Escape2ski reserves the right to cancel any membership if a member has breached any terms of these Guidelines above, or our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

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