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Find an Airport close to Ski Resorts in Canada and United States using the Escape2ski Airport Search Tool for travel to skiing & snowboarding destinations.

Find an Airport close to Ski Resorts is an important decision when planning a ski or snowboard trip that involves air travel. Escape2ski’s Find an Airport close to Ski Resorts page provides visitors with the easy to use Find an Airport Search Tool to locate the best airports to 260 Ski Resorts in Canada and the United States.

Escape2ski provides airport information that includes a link to the airport and the distance from the airport to United States Ski Resorts in Alaska, California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Vermont, New York, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Maine, West Virginia, Michigan, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Escape2ski also provides airport information for Canadian Ski Resorts that are located as far east as the province of Newfoundland, both mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and the province of British Columbia, including Vancouver Island.

Escape2ski can get you closer to the most popular ski and snowboard regions in North America by using the Find an Airport close to Ski Resorts page for ski areas in the Laurentians and Eastern Townships of Quebec, Banff, Alberta in the Canadian Rockies home to Ski Big 3, and the Powder Highway and Thompson Okanagan region, both located in beautiful British Columbia. Also, Lake Tahoe and Colorado’s Summit County are two other popular regions for winter enthusiasts to enjoy.

Tip for using the Airport Search Tool: Depending on your device, either scroll or begin to type the Ski Resort Name you wish to search, wait approximately 3 seconds and press the Find Airport(s) button and wait for the results.

Escape2ski has created a Convenience Ranking* Guide for each airport based on our extensive travel experience.

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Airport Options for 260 Ski Resort
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Resort Name
Convenience Ranking
206 mi / 332 km
Least Convenient
75 mi / 121 km
Most Convenient
260 mi / 419 km
Least Convenient
Denver Intl Airport  (DEN)
90 mi / 145 km
Most Convenient
150 mi / 242 km
Least Convenient
52 mi / 84 km
Most Convenient
86 mi / 139 km
Most Convenient
186 mi / 300 km
Least Convenient
142 mi / 229 km
Least Convenient
145 mi / 234 km
Least Convenient
Castlegar Airport  (YCG)
37 mi / 60 km
Possible Weather Closures
Canadian Rockies Intl Airport  (YXC)
150 mi / 241 km
Most Convenient
Spokane Intl Airport  (GEG)
154 mi / 248 km
Most Convenient
Glacier Park Intl Airport  (FCA)
19 mi / 31 km
Most Convenient
Canadian Rockies Intl Airport  (YXC)
135 mi / 217 km
Least Convenient
Burlington Intl Airport  (BTV)
97 mi / 157 km
Most Convenient
Montreal-Trudeau Intl Airport  (YUL)
111 mi / 178 km
Least Convenient
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Convenience Ranking* Guide

  1. Most Convenient – not necessarily the closest airport to the ski resort, but is the best choice.
  2. Possible Weather Closures – mostly associated with smaller airports that are subject to closure based on the weather and their geographic location.
  3. Limited Flights per Day – major airlines only offer limited number of flights per day or week.
  4. Limited Major Airline Use – generally associated with smaller regional airports that have service from a few major airlines or perhaps only one.
  5. No Major Airline Use – smaller airports that have no service from the major air carriers, only small regional carriers with limited routes.
  6. Limited Airport Services – Smaller airports with limited or no rental cars, or transportation from the airport, restaurant or shopping facilities.
  7. Least Convenient – mainly due to the distance to the ski resort, even though the airport is a major airport with full services.

*This is only the opinion of Escape2ski and does not constitute an official ranking.